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Frequently asked questions

If you do not find the answers to your questions in this section, please address the question in the appropriate section of our forum.

General questions

What are the differences between classes?

  • Fighter– a lot of attack and defense, low mana and spell power
  • Mage – lack of attack and defense, but a lot of mana and spell power
  • Scout (middle class) – averaged stats between mage and fighter

How to improve your army (units)?

In the lobby on the left side check the icon with cards on it, then find the desired unit and press Upgrade to improve.

How to improve spells?

In the lobby on the left side there is the book icon. Choose the desired spell and press to improve

How to improve the resource storages?

In the lobby on the right icon with scroll on it, click choose resource type to improve.

How to edit the army?

1. to add a card to the army — in the lobby on the left of the icon maps, find the desired unit, click add
2. to remove the card from your army — lobby card icon on the left, below where the active units click on a unit unnecessary minus (-)
or more identical units to take in the army cannot

The maximum level?

1) hero – 35
2) units – 15
3) magic – 4
4) warehouse – 15

The titles

1) in the future the title will be the reward
2) at the moment 0-999 without titles, 1000-2499 private, 2500-4499 warrior, 4500 + destroyer
3) rating for Pvp battle with a player with a difference in rank not more 2

How to replenish magical energy?

1) automatically recovers 10% every 3 minutes outside of combat
2) using magic wells on locations you can recover 100% of your mana
3) for 1 diamond you can fully restore mana by clicking under the bar of magical energy plus (+), which is also available during the first round of battle, prior to any other actions (it’s for cases when you had no way to restore your mana before getting attacked).

How to fund a movement score?

1) automatically 1 per 5 min
2) in the locations to visit the fire — 20%, a tavern — 50% falls — 100%
3) for 1 diamond you can buy 10 units, clicking near the scale of points of movement plus (+)
4) use a gift of energy from friends (10 units no more than 5 gifts to friends per day)


1) it is forbidden to attack in the 1st portal the initial locations
2) it is forbidden to attack players who have a difference of more than 3 levels from your level
3) to attack players in a location, the right will see a list of players online in this location to you, click on it and press the attack

3rd portal

3rd portal is the world in which you can enter only two (eventually to be four) with another player (so if matching your level and battle rating of the opponent is not in a queue, the player is put in a queue at the entrance). At the entrance to the 3rd portal, the player receives a certain amount of energy and full mana, regardless of how much mana and energy was at the entrance to the third portal. First have to defeat the guardians of the portal (to deal with them have to catch in 12 minutes), and then fight with your opponent is another player. The winner will get the opportunity to face off with one of the bosses (the bosses are the strongest monsters that are not on the locations of the 1st and 2nd portals).
Reward waiting at the end of all these trials, includes a large number of resources, diamonds and the chance to knock out a top card (actually the card of the boss).

1) to get the 3rd portal, you must have 2 players with a difference in level is not more than 3
2) the 1st location of the 3rd portal are required to undergo by killing monsters that prevent to pass to the portal in the 2nd location (which you have 12 min.)
3) in the 2nd location all players past the 1st location, conduct PvP for the right to fight the boss (have to survive only 1 player, it’s still 12 min.)


1) unlocking of units, or embossing locations (rebuy charges for 3 PCs for 1-10 diamonds, no matter unlocked in the store, or knocked out in battle)
2) buy the spells of other races

Reset the portals

1) to reset the portal you can type the progress bar of the portal above the portal up to 50% and then pressing the reset button
2) the progress of the portal takes into account only dead creatures that are located in locations (hover over the progress bar of the portal to see ???/???)
3) when you reset the portal to the mines cease to be under your control


1) to send the gift, click on the handshake at the lower right corner, choose the person and the gift and click donate
2) to ask for a gift, you must click on the handshake at the lower right corner, choose the person and the gift and click ask
3) to send gifts and request gifts can be no more than 5 times a day
4) to accept a gift or respond to a request, click on the envelope icon on the right side in the lobby

Is it possible to play without bying crystals?

1) Yes, all can be achieved without real money in the 3rd portal
2) you can’t get the strongest cards (bosses) with real money

What is the difference between races?

Each race has a unique armor and home locations. The hero of each race gets new spells of her own race every 5 levels (for free), and the difference lies in the cards that the hero gets when creating. Each race has its own orientation, which is expressed in the selection of additional cards abilities and spells. In short race can be described as: nature has the capacity of healing, shadow – necromancers different abilities, the ice – has a focus on protection and fire attack.
What is the meaning of the hero’s choice?
The heroes of each class of the parameters. The parameters of the hero affect the fighters. Because class plays a key role in choosing your battle tactics. The mage will have to rely on offensive spells (to improve them), and the warrior, on the strength of the fighters.

How to recover/replenish mana except crystals?

1. In 30 minutes, all mana is restored automatically, regardless of its number (but only out of combat).
2. On the map there are special wells in which to restore mana instantly.
3. When you receive a new level.

How to open new card fighters?

When you fight with the monsters (enemies) you have the chance to get a proper fighter, he will be seen as a reward in battle results.
Card management occurs in the “Improve maps”.
To add it to the empty slot or replace an existing one, you have to exit to lobby and go to the menu cards.
To remove the card, press on it (minus).
To add a card click card click (add).

How to farm resources?

1. Resources can be collected directly at the location, capturing various objects (windmill, shed, vault, mine, etc.)
2. Resources may fall as a reward for successful battle.
3. Resources can give to friends, especially if they send the request.

Does this game have PvP?

There is PvP at all locations except the initial, to the right of the screen under the mini map there is a list of players who are at this location, clicking on any of them you can attack him.

Why in the game need friends?

Friends to exchange gifts (resources, etc.). In the future we will implement a system of discounts in the store depending on the number of friends.

What determines the emergence of new spells?

New spells appear, depending on the achieved level.
Some spells can only be bought in the store.

What is the maximum upgrade the card (warrior)?


What is the charges and how do they work?

Charges of the card is the number of times the card may be bits in combat.
If all the charges of the card is spent, it will cease to appear on the battlefield, while the charges will not be credited.
The charges can be replenished either by buying them with diamonds, or knocking out monsters.
The chance to knock out the existing charge cards from the monster several times higher than the chance to knock out the card itself.
Improvements are not lost, even upon loss of all charges.
This means that after Deposit of charges, the card will be available with all its improvements.
– infinite charges only the initial 3 units
– the number of cards (decreases by 1 unit when losing unit in battle)
– to buy additional charges to press charges to the desired unit

Artifacts and inventory

The artifacts can be put on a character and get various bonuses.
How to get artifacts?
Artifacts are dropped by monsters with a chance. The steeper the artifact, the harder it is to dislodge.
Artifacts have a level requirement of the character.
Artifacts drop with a random number of bonuses and their values.
Artifacts quality are of three types: white, green, and blue. White – very simple. Blue is the coolest.
All clad artifacts lose their strength after each fight in which they were dressed.
Broken artifacts can be repaired in the inventory window either sold for 0 gold.
If the durability reached 0, the artifact ceases to be bonuses.
The inventory window now displays the current values of the basic parameters of the character


How to learn the parameters of the hero/enemy units in battle?

In the upper right part of the screen, click on the nick of the enemy, you can see its starting parameters.
To view the characteristics of the unit, you need to click and hold for a few seconds the left button of the mouse.

Ingame purchases

I bought the crystals, the money was written off, but in the game I didn’t get it!

It happens in case of problems with Your card or unanticipated challenges with a payment terminal platform, which may delay posting of the payment.
If within an hour You have not received the crystals, please write to our support or email: support@jedgames.com and we will give you crystals, and You get another nice bonus in the form of additional crystals.

I’ve made a payment but I want to cancel it!

If you are buying crystal and system took money from You, but You want to cancel the payment, please write us to support and specify your game nickname and the payment code.


What is the obelisk and what it gives?

The obelisk will open a part of the puzzle map shows the location of the treasure.


Can I play on different platforms under one account?

This feature is in development.

Technical questions

Why i can’t run the game (Unity Web Player)?

Perhaps you have installed a program to disable advertising banners. If so – disable it. Otherwise, most likely you have not installed the Unity Web Player, or the version is too old. You can download it
from here: http://unity3d.com/webplayer
If the Unity Web Player you have installed, probably you need to reinstall it. To do this:
1) Close all web browsers.
2) Uninstall the old version of Unity Web Player (start → control Panel → uninstall a program → Unity Web Player → delete)
3) Install the player manually by clicking on the link http://unity3d.com/webplayer
4) If the previous points did not help – need to clear the browser cache:
Internet Explorer: Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete → Temporary Internet files → Delete
Google Chrome: Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete → Clear cache → Clear history
Mozilla Firefox: Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete → Details → Cache → Clear now


1) to enter the setting, press the cogwheel icon in the lower right corner
2) select a preferred language games: Russian/english
3) full-screen/OSD mode
4) sound on/off
5) quick animation of movement and attacks in combat

How to speed up downloading the game?

The game may load for a long time (over 1 minute) only on the first run. The reason is the size distribution 35МБ and pogruzheny resources – 220МБ (although in most cases, when connecting more than 5mbit/s and a fast processor, the download time should not be more than 5 min). In future, all these materials will be stored in your browser’s cache, so the game will load much faster.
If the game loaded for a long time in the second and subsequent times, the following options could be:
1. When the active web surfing data of other sites displace resources from the cache. As a solution, the most reliable option is to install a separate browser specifically for the game – it won’t take much space on your drive, but will make the boot much more comfortable.
2. If you have a browser based on the core of Google Chrome: Google Chrome, Comodo Dragon, Cool Novo, Torch, Chromium, Yandex.Browser, Opera, SRWare Iron, Maxthon Cloud Browser 4, Amigo, …
The solution of this browser is described in the section: “In Google Chrome game every time pumped (slowly) from the Internet how to make it load faster (from cache)?”
3. It has been noticed that on some systems the antivirus may be very slow to download. Try temporarily disabling the antivirus, and compare the download speed.
4. Since the game uses the browser to download the data, then the cause of problems with download speeds may be an old browser version, a problematic add-in (plugin) or some other problem. Try to download the file:
in another browser or special software (boot Manager), to compare the download speed. If in another browser the file is downloaded faster – try to run the game in it.

How to expand the game to full screen?

In the game settings. Settings can be opened by a button with a cog.

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