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A few suggestions

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    May I suggest you new improvements for the game?
    I knew that the game missing a few days ago, but new monsters should be add.
    Let’s start with standard:
    stun; lyfesteel,drain hp and mana;
    critical,double damage;
    area of effect: surrounded enemy, 3 cells;
    buff and debuff;
    check. But neither monsters can spawn, except boss.
    What about taunt? A spell or trait that direct attack to a tank type monster or a decoy. Also ability to control opponents minions for a short time, 1 or 2 rounds.
    Dark Archer should be allowed to aim at a second target, after she kill.
    Each hero have four traits: Attack, Defense, Knowledge and Spell power. May you shuffle in order to create more classes?
    For the next update, are any chance to add another races based on elements like: lighting or light? However water, earth and wind should be fuse and included in nature, isn’t it?
    Are some many source of inspiration, from mythology to Heroes and Might and Magic.
    To conclude, your team are make a great work and even if I don’t rate it( I don’t bother to give any game I play 5 stars) I hope these idea can be help you. It’s a pit that the forum it’s not promoted.
    Note: If is something wrong I apology or it is not coherent.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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