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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Dear Friends!

We wish your best dreams comes true, and let the New Year bring you much fun and joy! In the New Year eve, we have prepared a nice and fun event for you in our game. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

New Year event – let the fun begin!

  • NY raid bosses: Santa (we know, that you were waiting for him for the whole year) and Firebird (but of course!).
  • NY raids will spawn from time to time between regular raids, so don’t miss them!
  • A new unique card – Firebird (can be obtained from a raid boss Firebird, during the event).
  • An old unique card – Frost (can be obtained from a raid boss Santa, during the event).
  • NY quests (single time and daily).
  • In crypts there will be unique artifacts of Santa – (we hope you’ll like them).
  • Rewards on some quests have been increased. Now those quests will give more diamonds. Especially a quest for daily PVP. We made it to give you more fun, and less thinking about charges expenses.
  • And of course – discounts!

Booster shop

On many requests we have finally decided to add a possibility to purchase artifacts. But to save the game balance, and give an opportunity to earn good artifacts for everyone – we decided to make it in a form of traditional boosters. Boosters let everyone to challenge their luck in order to obtain some cool cards or artifacts for a small amount of diamonds (which you may always earn from PVP or raids), especially comparing to its value.

Raid bosses

  • Now raid boss reward (for getting to TOP30) will be available only to a character, that took part in a battle.
  • Now all characters from the same game account will be able to get their own reward for a battle with a raid boss (of course if they managed to get to TOP30).
  • Some minor raids had incorrect behavior during the battle – they passed their turns instead of acting. It’s fixed now, so now everything works correctly:
    – Balrog will sometimes cast Blind
    – Horror will sometimes cast Weakness.

Other Improvements

  • The opponent matching algorithm for the 3rd portal has been changed to let you find opponents faster.
  • PVP ratings table will be updated every 5 minutes (instead of every 30 minutes).
  • Card description in the deck now takes into account artifacts and race bonuses.
  • Spell damage and heal amount is now correctly shown after changing artifacts.
  • Added floating numbers effect to show the amount of the acquired resources.
  • Chat panel title now contains some useful links.

P.S. Some minor features are not available in the browser version of the game because of the technical issues.

See you in game!

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